Best Few  Steps to A Perfect Dream Interpretation

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In this way, I saw exactly why we dream, while Jung couldn’t understand the real importance of the oblivious psychotherapy.

The oblivious mind works like a psychiatrist and analyst because we have inherited an excess of absurdity into the greatest part of our brain. Our animal and absurd anti-still, the small voice continues trying to crush our human inner voice and control our behavior.

Since I could find this basic truth, I could clarify Carl Jung’s strategy and help you immediately understand the meaning of dreams. Presently you don’t need to wait for more information in your next dreams, the same way that you don’t need to compare this dream to your past dreams like Jung used to do. You can instantly understand the meaning of any dream without analyzing different dreams of the same dreamer.

* I found that we can easily translate a progression of dreams on the off chance that we’ll translate just the meaning of the most important dream images that appear in each dream, and we’ll relate this information to the dreamer’s life.

This was a major complication. On the off chance that I had to recount to a whole story in request to explain the meaning of only one dream image to a dreamer, what might happen with the remainder of the dream? When might we have time to talk about the importance of this dream in the dreamer’s life?

Accordingly, I streamlined the definition of each dream image, other than discovering the meaning of various dream images that Jung couldn’t understand. I learned how to make fast dream translations without paying attention to all the details of each dream because I had to translate many dreams for the same dreamer in a brief timeframe.

Be that as it may, many occasions the details of each dream are revealing. These details are important. Along these lines, I had to find a way to easily recognize the important details of a dream, other than translating the meaning of the dream images.

I found that the important details of each dream are the ones that appear in many dreams, in similar structures.

I will give you a real example by analyzing three dream scenes from a progression of dreams of one of my patients.

In one dream the dreamer was extremely sluggish; she hardly could open her eyes.

In the following dream, the dreamer was afraid of darkness.

In the third dream, a part of her personality was blind (The dreamer dreamt that she was helping a blind young lady walk. This blind young lady was a part of her personality that was not able to see many things).

Accordingly, the fact that the dreamer cannot see her reality is a detail that appears in three dreams, in a different structure. This is an important detail.

Here is the meaning of each dream image:

Being sluggish = She was not fighting her absurd anti-heart; she was resting accommodated instead of paying attention to the dangerous truth. Her anti-inner voice was taking advantage of her indifference and destroying her human heart while she was resting.

This information should help you with your dream translations. You can easily translate the meaning of your dreams if you’ll learn the meaning of the most important dream images and you pay attention to the important details of a dream.

Nonetheless, you should also pursue the dream rationale. This is a very complicated matter that I could clearly understand simply after fighting craziness and winning the battle thanks to the oblivious guidance.

The anti-inner voice utilizes craziness in request to obliterate our human soul. Craziness is evilness, however in a camouflaged structure. The oblivious mind attempts to enable us to protect our sanity and show resistance to our anti-still, small voice’s attacks with a rationale based on sanctity. This appreciation helped me understand what to search for when translating the meaning of dreams.

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