The Role Of Dream Helpers Or An Impending Death

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There have been various accounts of people who had a literal (actual) unpleasant dream of a desperate occasion, and then in waking life it happened exactly the way they dreamt it. What may be the reason for dreaming about such occasions, especially on the off chance that you think you cannot take care of these situations?

The job of the Dream Helper

On the off chance that you have had dreams of critical occasions, or dreams in which an individual is injured or dying, you may in all likelihood be a Dream Helper- – an individual who goes to the aid of others while you are asleep and dreaming.

Many beings on earth are Dream Helpers. Regardless of whether they are aware of their helping job or not- – in their dreams, they can go to the aid of companions, friends, and family and even strangers who are in some kind of issue. While asleep, Dream Helpers arrive on the scene and take some kind of physical activity. While this “helping” is done within the dream landscape, a parallel action does take place on the physical plane.

By what means can a Dream Helper be best?

On the off chance that you believe you are a Dream Helper, it is important not to fear such dreams. Welcome them, because you are making a positive distinction in the life of one, or the lives of many.

If you are trained in the healing arts and have a dream where somebody is injured, do your healing/vitality work exactly as you would do in waking life. Keep in mind this: Love is the universal healing vitality. Regardless of whether you have not been trained in the healing arts, sending out feelings of adoration to those in need is sufficient! You can also make the individual as comfortable as conceivable. Calm him with soothing words. Instruct him to have faith and to hang on because help is coming. Even though you are doing these things within your dreaming state, do realize that your calming words and delicate touch work for the individual within his waking life.

If you are dream-called to somebody who is nearing the snapshot of death, you have been sent there to support the person in question make the transition unafraid. In a dream, (or in profound meditation) you can take that dying individual’s hand and lead the person in question to The Light. Keep in mind that Divine Spirit is with you and will assist you both.

In a clear dream, the dreamer realizes he is dreaming- – and taking charge intentionally can be accomplished all the more easily. On the off chance that you already are a clear dreamer and have a longing to help other people, know about dreams in which people are in need. Realize that you are sent by and aided by Spirit, and do what you can to aid them. In any case, a dream need not be clear for a Dream Helper to do good for another. While it is somewhat precarious to take control in a non-clear dream- – just by reading this, you realize it is conceivable to take a positive action in any dream.

This is a period of earth changes. There is need for assistance all over the planet. Thankfully, there are various Dream Helpers. If you are a Dream Helper, you take your turn along with different partners who are called upon in dream-time. You don’t need to have healing training to serve in this job. The individuals who have a loving soul and compassion for strangers can be called upon in dream-time to help other people in need.

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